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Synthwave Russia

Neon Map Synthwave Russia - Sovietwave

Welcome to Synthwave Russia!  🇷🇺🎹

The talents by producers from Synthwave in Russia is fascinating and it basicly splits into two different styles: The Synthwave as it which merges retro/futuristic elements and the well known unique Sovietwave sound, with a very strong post-punk and/or spacey melancholic style. Both of them are great and most of the times it comes as instrumentals while a few contain lyrics in russian.

Here´s a short list as many Sovietwave producers names are written in russian.

Ainoma, Florida Skyline, Monflage, Molchat Doma, Spaceman 1981, Violet Fears, 3FORCE, XES, 808weeds.

Explore releases by russian producers from our catalogue: XES, Spaceman 1981 and Violet Fears.

Our pals from Sovietwave Records are the right choice when looking for rad russian synth music is about.

The list for russian synth producers is inmense! But you can discover many of them on the following playlists and the top curator YouTube channel NewSovietWave.

We decided to create our own Spotify Playlist merging both styles to bring up the lights on both sides of synth music from this particular region of the world.

Here´s our vision for SOVIETWAVE music. Enjoy it!

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