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¡Bienvenido a SYNTHWAVE MÉXICO!🇲🇽🎹

Synthwave MexicoLa comunidad de artistas y fans de Synthwave México es fantástica! Ha sido formada por una variedad de entusiastas de diferentes estilos de electrónica a través del país, viniendo desde la vieja escuela del Industrial/EBM y el Synthpop de inicios los 80s, hasta más recientemente una comunidad más joven asidua al Cyberpunk amantes de la música retro renaciente, los videojuegos y la cultura futurista.

Una parte importante de nuestro roaster se conforma de talentosos productores de México de quienes publicamos lo mejor cada año en nuestra en la serie de Compilaciones FUTURENOW.

Encuentra al final de esta sección entrevistas a miembros de Synthwave Mexico desde nuestro Podcast SOUNDWAVES y sígue nuestra Playlist Oficial This is Synthwave México para conocer a todo el talento nacional!

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The Synthwave Mexico community of artists and fans is amazing! It´s been built from a variety of electronic music enthisiasts across the nation, coming from the old school Industrial/EBM and early 80s Synthpop, to most recently a younger community assiduous to Cyberpunk who love the retro revival music, videogames and fururistic culture.

An important part of our roster is made up of talented Mexican producers we publish best from in the yearly FUTURENOW Compilation series. Find interviews (in Spanish) within this section to Synthwave Mexico producers and follow our Playlist!



Plus, we have compiled POLYBIUS Vol 1 on two videos: Side A / Side B featuring almost mexican Synthwave projects and a couple guests from overseas.   Animations created by Omar Junkel AKA Thermal Noise.

POLYBIUS Vol 1, Side B got featured on the great YouTube channel The 80s Guy.

Synthwave became so popular in our country that even the well known Synthpop band Moenia produced their very first Synthwave song: Summer Drive, based in the 1986 video game Out Run.

The single cover art was done by the famous graphic artist Vincent Trinidad (who gave the Big Wave off Kanagawa painting a new Synthwave style!)


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Discover some of the great producers from Synthwave Mexico on Spotify:

Alisster, Blind Cobra, Dei Zephyr, Death Selektor, Diestroke, Do You Remember Love, Dug Masters, Erik Hasan, Equinoxious, Evertt, Ferccino, GlitchBay, Iso the Kid, Jake the Kid, Last Day Dreaming, Mexa Legacy, Neon Vice 83, Neuvision, Night Runner, Nylon 33, Punk´s Fiction, Purple Hertz Red Industrie, Robo Ash, Saturno 5, Sinuhe Navarrete, Tor.Ma In Dark, SAWLO, Stylex, Thermal Noise, Toxxic Project, Vestron Vulture, ZuluZ.

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