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Synthwave Brasil

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Bem-vindo ao Synthwave Brasil 🇧🇷🎹

Nesta parte do mundo você encontrará estilos exóticos de música de sintetizador com um toque Darksynth sul-americano. Durante a pandemia de 2020, surgiu um coletivo de produtores para dar à luz QUARANTINE TAPES (A Cartelwave Collection).


Welcome to Synthwave Brazil! 🇧🇷🎹

In this part of the world you will find exotic styles of synth music with a South American Darksynth twist. During the 2020 pandemic, a collective emerged to give birth to QUARANTINE TAPES (A Cartelwave Collection). 

Check out great Brazilian producers: Ankh Wave, Retro Mah, Francci, Turbo Hamster, from our Compilation WONDERLANDS.

Also the great Remix by Misanthropix to Ferrari Kid single Night Rider.

Discover some of the great producers from Synthwave Brazil on Spotify:

Misantropix, Pontiac at Night, Ankh Wave, Dhastron, Fake Ground, Mskra, Pontiac at Night, Francci, Baddon, Technique, Turbo Hamster, Violation Drive, Menak, Zeth3, Obairom, Anaritzz, The Blanka Project, KRIZZ, Broken Date, Retro Mah, Heirisix, LPR Beatzy.

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