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2023 / 20 Tracks / PurZynth Rekords / PZR-A080-23

🌴 W O N D E R L A N D S 🌅 A first time South American Compilation is our seventh various artists release gathering 100% brand new songs by great synth music producers from the entire region: Ankh Wave, Codex 84, Ferrari Kid, Georama, Data Fatale, Donbor, DXO, Turbo Hamster, Francci, Lombardo & The Golden Hour, Max Project, Meteor, The Affirmation, Midnight Fighters, Retro Mah, Revenge of the Neon Kids, The Morales, U.F.O 1982, The Zeth.

Released on CR Digipack contains 20 songs, featuring big and new names from different nations across this wonderful land rich in flora, fauna, enigmatic places and outstanding landscapes. 🏔️🗿🌄 That’s why we’ve called it Wonder – Lands.

Released March 21th, 2023 Just in time to celebrate the beginning of spring season.

The opening track by The Affirmation (Argentina) is a goosebump synth masterpiece to drive us into southern far landscapes.

Enjoy full compilation video mix and find also below some individual videos by artists performing live sets for their songs.

Second track by Meteor (Colombia) is a blasting deep strong cinemaic Synthwave charged with his classic powerful guitar!

Stream/Buy WONDERLANDS everywhere! https://purzynth.streamlink.to/Wonderlands-Compilation

Digital and CD Digipack edition (Not CD-R!)

Tracklist carefully curated to transport you into wonderful far southern lands!

Max Project (Argentina) unboxing WONDERLANDS CD! and his song on background.

Track 20 only available as Bonus digital track. (Not available on CD)

Check out Kaarin Zoe from Night Ride FM special Interview about our label along with Meteor and Data Fatale for their new music in WONDERLANDS. (Jump to 1:16:10)

Kaarin Zoe Interview PurZynth Panel - Night Ride FM Jun 26 2023

Desde Perú U.F.O 1982 nos trae un track espacial para WONDERLANDS.

Desde Venezuela Lombardo con The Golden Hour (Sunset Surrender) (Italia) en las vocales, crean esta grandiosa pieza de Synthwave vocal.

Desde Argentina Revenge of The Neon Kids nos trae algo de post-punk muy porteño para WONDERLANDS.

Desde Costa Rica Georama llega con un alegre y secuencial instrumental a WONDERLANDS.

Desde Nicaragua y Costa Rica Codex84 nos trae algo de Synth-rock a la 80´s para WONDERLANDS.

Desde Colombia, Data Fatale nos trae un Synthpop vocal estilo 90´s bailable a WONDERLANDS.

Desde Brasil, Ankh Wave, Retro Mah y Turbo Hamster aportan un sonido único lleno de colores musicales para celebrar la primavera en WONDERLANDS.

Y el Bonus track por Georama (Costa Rica) y Max Project (Argentina) en un track colaborativo instrumental estilo house 90´s.



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