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Mitch Murder – Current Events (Album Review by Karl Magi)

PurZynth | July 6, 2024
Mitch Murder - Current Events

Classic Synthwave Album Review: Mitch Murder – Current Events 

Review by Karl Magi 

Overall Album Impressions

Mitch Murder is one of the synthwave scene’s foundational artists and “Current Events” is one of his finest albums. The way in which he combines nostalgic reflection, musical complexity and irrepressible energy makes current events a highly entertaining listening experience. There’s nothing cliched about the way he explores the ‘80s while creating fresh sounds.

The creative use of vocal samples from various media in the 1980s allows current events to explore nostalgia for that decade in an entertaining way. Mitch Murder has carefully curated his vocal samples to provide a fun look back at some of the pivotal moments in the 1980s. I enjoy his thoughtful and playful use of these samples, dotted throughout the Album.

I enjoy the interlaced integration of all the Layered synth sounds on current events. Each layer is an intricate interplay between the well-selected synth sounds. Mitch Murder masterfully chooses sounds to fit the various Melodies of harmonies that he has composed for this album. Each sound emphasizes a mood or creates atmosphere and together they become a detailed sonic tapestry.

Current Events is also defined by the first-rate melodic writing by Mitch Murder on the album. His melodies are both catchy and emotionally impactful. They range from calming and tender to driving and celebratory, but they are never less than ear catching and full of pleasing energy. I’m always a sucker for melody and this album doesn’t disappoint.

The album’s sheer energy also attracts me as it unfolds. Mitch Murder imbues his music with Lively motion and the percussion propels the music with vigour. There’s a sense of inventive joy in the music, as Mitch Murder weaves together each track. I am drawn towards the exuberant ability to capture and transfer his pleasure at creating the album to the listener through the music.

My Favourite Tracks Analyzed

“Looking Back” comes to life as smoothly washing synth waves steadily grow in strength as a delicate hi hat ticks and the vocal sample talks about looking back at momentous events of the 1980s. Heavy bass swirls and round sounding chords fill the track as glimmering notes intertwine with ease to open the album.

A wildly leaping, explosive synth flashes out with motivating energy as the punching drums and solid bass drive “Frantic Aerobics” forward. The melody is engaging in its intense vigour and the drums and bass pulse onwards.

An elevated synth flits out, reflecting light like crystal chips as the propulsive low-end throbs. Brilliance pours from the dancing synth as it creates rocketing acceleration. A taut higher synth flashes out, exuding diamond light. The melody flows in rushing lines as lambent illumination permeates the track.

A nasally bending synth vaults through the background with irrepressible vigour as the flaring synth notes above it shine. I revel in the music’s positivity as it flows around me. Medium-high, gleaming notes surge with unstoppable velocity as the track ends on digitally rebounding notes.

“In The News” starts off as a harsh warning noise flows into layered, drifting synth. Extended synth chords glide through the music with a lost quality as one rough-edged sound shifts briefly. After the sound of a radio tuning, we’re given a slice of the news of the 1980s, carrying the listener back to that era. Massive drums throb as ominous bass growls below an Insistently pulsing melodic pattern.

The drums and bass launch with increasing power as shadowed synth sweeps through the track. As the radio scans, brilliant synth flashes with intense radiance. Below the other elements, the drums and bass charge onwards. A refulgent synth pattern imbues the music with a more uplifting quality now. The flaring melody creates as it dances, brimming over with positivity above the throbbing low end.

I enjoy the playful ease with which the twisting synth leaps through the music, creating a sensation of boundless possibility. The surging synth pattern that underpins the track imbues it with exciting energy, while the drums and bass create weight and motion. An exuberant synth solo frolics above the pounding low end.

Another vocal clip of Ronald Reagan gives an ’80s context to the track. Flashing notes jump out and after a rising sound, sirens ring out in warning. Gleaming chords float while the drums and bass throb.  Radiant chimes sparkle before a synth cries out with an encouraging melody that soars out above the undulating bass. The song ends, bursting with life.

Hazy, gauzy notes float in a smooth wash before luscious bass bubbles underneath as “Night Train” starts out. The drums cruise along as deep-sounding chimes levitate with ethereal delicacy, and the bass shapes the music.

Open percussion taps into the music with a calming effect as the rich bass flows. Broadly ringing notes drift with feathery lightness, and a slightly sharp-edged synth adds a funky quality underneath the drums and bass.

The gently luminous chimes transmit a wonderfully soothing spirit while the slightly twisting synth wiggles above them. I find this track captures the romance and relaxation of a train journey, travelling through the night. The low-end pushes forward and glimmering notes exhale before silence falls.

“Palmer’s Arcade” comes into being as silky-smooth drums and expanding, glistening synth mingle and intertwine. A steadily shining synth sings out in gently enfolding lines as rounder sounds shift delicately in the distance. Lambent synth carries a melody expressing dreamy nostalgia out above the lightly touching drums and solid bass.

Breathy notes sails out in easy-going motion as glowing notes suffuse the music with fragile light. A vocal-sounding synth flows steadily as lustrous notes carry a tranquil melody with unctuous delicacy. Underneath the other elements, drums and bass guide the music. The vocal sample speaks about friendship and affection as the track spills out soothing gentleness.

This track is a heartwarming paean to youthful days spent in the flicker of screen light, playing games in the arcade. Extended notes curl through the music as the drums burst. The vocal notes that it takes hail into the music are touching in a way that draws me further into the track’s world.

Piano notes grow along with densely pulsing bass to create a majestic sensation as “Telefuture Theme” starts. The drums kick into a laid-back beat as sharply flaring synth tangles in a wandering pattern while the bass forms a thick underpinning. Crisp drums move in a steady heartbeat as the medium-high synth with saxophone-like elements calls out passionately.

A rapidly twirling synth pulse creates more forward motion as the full-sounding piano chords are tinged with a positive emotional quality that I find engaging. Soft-edged synth with a digital quality spins out, and the drums flourish. The voice-over is a 1980s discussion of future telecommunications. An elevated sound sweeps, and the drums launch along with champagne chimes.

The drums flourish again, and a lamenting synth carries a melody that captures a hopeful sensation of future progress. The chimes add radiance, and quickly spinning synth dances out above the pulsing bass. Open-sounding notes tumble and razor-edged chords slice as the chimes once again add their sunny light before everything goes quiet

“Slipstream” opens as firmly punching drums move along with sparkling, glittering synth and broad chimes tangling together in crystalline brightness. There’s a slightly uneven pulse to the drums and bass while the ethereal chimes flitter past. A medium-high, radiant synth sings out in a melody conjuring up images of free and easy motion down an endless ribbon of asphalt.

Weightlessness and joyful energy create ear pleasing sensations for me. Bass towers as rapidly jumping chimes flash out, tinged with slight shadow. Now a robotic voice counts down and the sounds of roaring engines fill the track. Speed and motion erupt as luminous synth jumps and the low-end throbs with muscled power.

The chimes have a glimmering ease about them as the drums and bass cascade and flashing chords permeate the music with piercing light. The drums and bass push onward as the lustrous synth unfurls with a melody that has the air of freedom and the open road filling it. A soaring, digital singing synth flies through the track and now we end on rapidly flickering notes.

Slowly growing, rounded synth and a throbbing kick drum flow into full volume to start off “Shores of Orion.” The laid-back, radiant synth melody slips through as the drums and bass flow smoothly onward. Chimes add tender luminosity as airy notes flit past and an ethereal synth fills me to the brim with tranquil peace.

The main melody flies out, imbued with a sense of boundless possibilities and unfettered freedom. The drums and bass create an easygoing feeling as the hopeful melody is carried on gossamer synth.

The delicate chimes add another touching element as the steadily guiding low end continues to unfurl. Images of long expanses of sand and softly washing waves fill this track in a way I find irresistible. Pulsing drums and bass add form as the melody reaches out to cradle me and carry me away on a calm tide.

“Inner City Chronicles” Starts out with a description of all of the weapons available on the street as the throbbing drums and bass create an uneven heartbeat. The synth chords have a dark edge as they flare above rapidly intertwining drums and solid bass. Chimes add gentleness to the heavily pounding drums and broken bass pulses.

The description of all of the firepower continues in the background as massive chords grow and flashing synth pierces. diaphanous chimes add contrast as the low end drives on. A glistening synth brings the funk as tightly wriggling sounds move through. Bass adds angularity as the drums tick and hollow percussion pops. The bass pulsates with muscled weight and the shiny, limber synth shimmies through the music.

I enjoy the contrast between musical energy and darker subject matter. xylophone dances past with tripping lightness as the bass cascades while the groovy synth rings out. A digital-sounding synth leaps briefly and the low end sits in the pocket, shaping the music. trumpeting synth cuts in again and metallic notes flash past before the track ends on the discussion of gangs.

Waves splash against the shore in a steady flow to open “Exodus.” Mysterious bass flows along with enigmatic, shaded synth and grows into the music. The bass slides past with an ominous feeling as the track becomes more powerful and dramatic. a breathy synth exhales and the bass slowly pulsates.

Gigantic drums collide and filmy notes flicker as the bass adds depth. Elevated sounds writhe and twist as the low end continues to pound into the music. Now glassy chimes float and mingled synth sounds with a misty quality drift in the distance.

The drums rebound and lush synth tangles around piano notes flowing in the background. I enjoy how peaceful the track has become, despite the earlier hint of darkness. Shadowy synth glides along with the low-end heartbeat and shimmering chimes add refulgent illumination. Open-voiced notes swirl and the bass thuds while the waves flow before silence falls.


“Current Events” evolves as Mitch Murder skillfully weaves a sonic tapestry combining intriguing synth sounds, superb melodies and vocal samples connected to events and experiences that defined a decade. The album unfolds in a joyful exploration of everything that made the 1980s fun and memorable.

Reviewed By Karl Magi
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Mitch Murder
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Written by PurZynth

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