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Glitchbay is a one man Dark Synthwave showman act by Cody Ooze, guitar player coming from a glam metal band in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

His story begins after attending some high school studios about music production, when he started to play with some DAW’s and some old synths at his home.

Glitchbay live 1

(Entrevista en Español)

GlitchBay published his first two songs in 2015: Venice Sunrise (6:00 A.M.) and Into the Rain (Missing You). Those singles were an experiment, like a prototype project and two months later GlitchBay took a standby. Later on new year’s eve 2017, a demo was published at his old Soundcloud account called Prototype #4 (The Undead) Concept Version, but then again, Glitchbay disappears after that.

Finally, in 2019 GlitchBay announces the first 5 live sets in Foro Emporio Rock, Aguascalientes, Mexico and a new EP Called The Lost Files takes place and becomes available on Spotify.

The single Ghost is released in November 2019 on Spotify and previous live sets, followed by the official video created by Omar Junkel AKA Thermal Noise published in our Youtube Channel on January 2020.

After this, the track Simulation is included on the first Synthwave Mexico Video Compilation POLYBIUS Vol 1. Side B published on our channel, which also got featured on The 80s Guy Channel.

Afterwards, GlitchBay starts working on his second production called H.O.A.X. EP, published on October 2020 by PurZynth Rekords.

On October 2021, PurZynth co-hosts the SYNTHVALLEY XI livestream by Starfarer, presenting Dei Zephyr, Blind Cobra and GlitchBay live sets.

On celebration on 20 years of PurZynth, some events take place on late 2021 in Aguascalientes, Guadalajara and Mexico City, where GlitchBay bring his Darksynthwave show and gets huge response on our first live events in many years.

Discover more from GlitchBay in the EP H.O.A.X. Project and our Compilations: FUTURENOW, FUTURENOW 2.0,

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